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Prime Minister Russell Mmiso Dlamini and NERCHA Council Discuss Eswatini’s HIV and AIDS Response


Mbabane, Eswatini – In a significant meeting held today, the Prime Minister, His Excellency Russell Mmiso Dlamini, joined by his Portfolio Committee in the House of Assembly, met with the NERCHA Council to discuss the country’s HIV and AIDS response. The Prime Minister provided an overview of his office operations, emphasizing the critical role of NERCHA in tackling the HIV and AIDS epidemic in Eswatini.

During the meeting, Ambassador Njabuliso Gwebu, Chair of the NERCHA Council, addressed the attendees and reinforced NERCHA’s unwavering commitment to the national goal of achieving an AIDS-free Eswatini by 2030. Ambassador Gwebu assured the Prime Minister and the Portfolio Committee that NERCHA is steadfast in its mission, implementing strategic initiatives and programs aimed at eradicating the disease.

The Prime Minister highlighted the importance of collaboration and collective effort in the fight against HIV and AIDS. He praised NERCHA for its dedication and the impactful work it has been doing across the country. “The progress we have made in our HIV and AIDS response is a testament to the hard work and commitment of NERCHA and all stakeholders involved. We must continue to work together, innovate, and support each other to achieve our goal of an AIDS-free Eswatini by 2030,” he stated.

Ambassador Gwebu provided insights into NERCHA’s current and upcoming initiatives designed to curb the spread of HIV and support those affected by the disease. She emphasized the importance of community engagement, education, and access to healthcare services as pivotal elements in NERCHA’s strategy. “Our commitment to achieving an AIDS-free Eswatini by 2030 is stronger than ever. We are implementing comprehensive programs that address prevention, treatment, and support. Together, we can create a future where HIV and AIDS are no longer a threat to our people,” Ambassador Gwebu remarked.

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