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Harare Mayor Vows to Halt Cholera Amid Escalating Crisis


HARARE – In the face of an escalating cholera crisis in Zimbabwe, Harare’s mayor, Jacob Mafume, has made a solemn pledge to put an end to the devastating waterborne disease. The announcement comes as the nation grapples with alarming statistics, witnessing a significant rise in cholera-related deaths and infections.

Since February of the preceding year, Zimbabwe has recorded a staggering 286 cholera-related fatalities, with almost 16,000 individuals contracting the waterborne illness. The gravity of the situation has prompted urgent action, and Mafume is now assuring the public that his office is committed to implementing measures to curtail the spread of cholera.

Courtesy Picture: Jacob Mufume

Despite the mayor’s promises, Harare residents, who are among the major cholera hotspots, express skepticism about the effectiveness of these assurances. The skepticism is fueled by the grim reality of the escalating cholera cases, with 66 deaths occurring during the recent Christmas break alone.

Mafume outlined the initiatives his council is undertaking to combat cholera, but locals remain unconvinced, asserting that they perceive these efforts as mere rhetoric without tangible actions. The lack of trust in authorities’ ability to control the outbreak has intensified the public’s concern and frustration.

In response to the mounting crisis, the government has announced plans to launch a cholera vaccination campaign targeting at least two million Zimbabweans. This initiative aims to curb the further spread of the disease and protect vulnerable populations from succumbing to cholera-related complications.

As Zimbabwe grapples with this public health emergency, the mayor’s commitment to ending the cholera scourge faces a challenging road ahead. The success of these efforts hinges not only on promises made but on concrete actions that can swiftly and effectively address the root causes of the ongoing cholera crisis.

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