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Empower Your Community: Combat Electricity Theft and Vandalism


In a concerted effort to safeguard electricity supply and infrastructure, communities are urged to stand united against the menace of electricity theft and vandalism. Eskom, the leading electricity supplier, is calling on citizens to take action and report any suspicious activities that may threaten the reliability of electricity services.

The campaign, tagged #TakeBackYourPower, aims to raise awareness about the serious consequences of electricity theft and vandalism, both of which pose significant risks to the community’s well-being. These criminal activities not only disrupt power supply but also jeopardize the safety and stability of the entire electrical infrastructure.

Eskom emphasizes the importance of community members actively participating in the fight against these unlawful acts. Citizens are encouraged to promptly notify Eskom about any incidents of vandalism by calling 0800 112 722. Additionally, reporting such activities to the South African Police Service (SAPS) at 10111 ensures a coordinated response to tackle the issue effectively.

Electricity theft and vandalism impact everyone in the community, leading to service interruptions, safety hazards, and financial burdens on both individuals and businesses. By standing up against these destructive practices, citizens contribute to creating a safer, more reliable electrical environment for themselves and future generations.

The call to action resonates with the broader goal of fostering community engagement and responsibility. Together, communities can play a pivotal role in curbing electricity theft and vandalism, reinforcing the principle that a united front is the most effective deterrent against these disruptive activities.

As South Africans unite to #TakeBackYourPower, the campaign sends a powerful message that safeguarding electricity infrastructure is a shared responsibility. Through collective vigilance and a commitment to reporting incidents, communities can contribute to a more secure and resilient electrical grid for the benefit of all.

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