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We Are Firmly In Charge Of The Country- Mlungisi Makhanya.

PUDEMO President Mlungisi Makhanya says Pro-democracy forces) are now in charge of the country and the sooner some people realize that the better. He also urged Emaswati to prepare for an action intense week ahead.

Makhanya took to his Facebook personal account where he took a swipe at one of the country’s journalist describing him as a clown masquerading as a senior journalist.

“This country is full of clowns who masquerade as senior journalist. How do call off a strike that was not initiated by you. The transport sector strike can only be called off by the transport sector workers themselves,” posted Makhanya.

He said, the pro-democracy will decide when it is time for learning to resume or if normal transport operations can be restored.

While Makhanya did not name any company or a person, one can assumed that he was referring to an article that was published by the Times Sunday to the effect that public transports will be available on Monday. The publication published the story based on a confirmation from the Secretary General of the Eswatini Local Kombi Association and also Acting Secretary General of the Swaziland Transport Communication and Allied Workers Union Stix Nxumalo.

However, that was over turned in a meeting that was held at the Manzini bus rank on Sunday where it was resolved that there will be no public transport on Monday until the two arrested Members of Parliament are released among other demands.

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