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Sarnilo and Zuluboy’s song ‘Sharon’ receives positive feedback from fans


Sarnilo and Zuluboy’s song ‘Sharon’, which was released on Friday, May 12, 2023, has received positive feedback from fans and music lovers across Eswatini and South Africa. The song, which is a tribute to their mothers and mother figures, has been praised for its heartfelt lyrics, catchy melody and impressive collaboration.

Sarnilo, who is signed under Antidote Music, is a songwriter, rapper and poet who has made a name for herself in the music scene through her captivating lyrics and versatility. She is known for incorporating both siSwati and Chichewa in her music, as she is born of a Malawian mother and a liSwati father.

Zuluboy is one of the most accomplished and respected poets and rappers in South African music history. He has been in the industry for over two decades and has worked with some of the biggest names in the game, such as Proverb, HHP, Tumi and the Volume, Khuli Chana and many more.

The song ‘Sharon’ was inspired by Sarnilo’s mother, who has been her support system and rock her whole life. She said using her gift to dedicate a song to her was the least she could do, as she deserves so much more. She said the song is about love, gratitude and respect for all the mothers and mother figures in the world.

Zuluboy resonated with Sarnilo’s sentiments and said he was honoured to work with her on the song. He said he was impressed by her talent and passion for music. He said he also wanted to honour his mother and all the women who have played a role in his life.

The song ‘Sharon’ has been streamed and downloaded thousands of times on various digital platforms since its release. It has also received airplay on several radio stations in Eswatini and South Africa. Fans have expressed their appreciation for the song on social media, saying it touched their hearts and made them emotional.

Some of the comments from fans are:

  • “This song is beautiful. It made me cry. Thank you Sarnilo and Zuluboy for this masterpiece.”
  • “I love this song so much. It reminds me of my mom who passed away last year. She was my everything.”
  • “This song is fire. Sarnilo and Zuluboy killed it. They are both amazing artists.”
  • “This song is a perfect gift for Mother’s Day. It celebrates all the mothers in the world. Well done Sarnilo and Zuluboy.”

Sarnilo and Zuluboy have shown their appreciation for their fans’ support and feedback on social media. They have also thanked Antidote Music for making the collaboration possible. They have encouraged their fans to keep streaming and sharing the song ‘Sharon’ with their loved ones.

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