Ramaphosa Dispatch A Team To Engage King Mswati III Amidst Protests. - News On Africa Eswatini Edition

Ramaphosa Dispatch A Team To Engage King Mswati III Amidst Protests.

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa in his capacity as the Chairperson of the SADC Organ, has dispatched a special Envoy to engage King Mswati III admist constitutional and political reform protests.

The delegation dispatched by Ramaphosa will be led by former South African Minister of Justice Jeff Radebe.

The team is expected to touch the Eswatini soil this afternoon at 14:55.

They come at a time when the kingdom of Eswatini is confranted with a second wave of protests which resulted in the Eswatini government ordering Telecom companies to limit access to Facebook, schools being closed, and public transport not operating among other things.

In a press briefing by the Public sector Association, it was announced that at least 50 people were shot at allegedly by law enforcement officers who were implementing an order by the National Commissioner prohibiting an intended march in Mbabane.

In June and July, during the first wave of the protests, it was alleged by pro-democracy forces that over 80 people died. However, the country’s authorities disputed the figures insisting that only 36 people died.

A team from The SADC organ was dispatch on a fact finding mission. However, findings of their reports were not made public but only submitted to King Mswati III only.

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