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Prince Hlangabeza Calls for Return of Ingwenyama Cup


MBABANE – Following the exciting finale between Mbabane Swallows and Green Mamba at Somhlolo National Stadium on Sunday, Ingwenyama Cup Management Committee Chairman Prince Hlangabeza expressed his desire for the return of the prestigious tournament in the future.

Addressing the media after the match, Prince Hlangabeza emphasized the significance of the tournament to Emaswati, highlighting the strong connection between sports, culture, and community engagement. He remarked, “The number of people who came here is a true reflection of how important this tournament is to Emaswati. They have love for the sport and culture, and also enjoy mingling with Their Majesties.”

The Ingwenyama Cup, launched in 2015 with a three-year sponsorship agreement of E9 million, has been a cornerstone of Eswatini’s sporting landscape, blending football with cultural festivities. Each edition of the tournament was valued at E3 million, showcasing the best of Eswatini’s footballing talent.

Despite facing interruptions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the tournament has returned with renewed vigor. This year’s sponsorship package, slightly higher than previous editions, reflects the enduring popularity and significance of the event. Football received the lion’s share of the sponsorship, with an increased allocation for cultural activities, highlighting the commitment to promoting both sporting excellence and cultural heritage.

In the thrilling final match, Correctional Services side Green Mamba emerged victorious with a 1-0 win over Mbabane Swallows, capturing the coveted championship title. The atmosphere at Somhlolo National Stadium was electrifying, with passionate fans cheering on their teams amidst the rainy weather.

The Ingwenyama Cup continues to symbolize unity, pride, and celebration, showcasing the rich heritage and sporting prowess of Eswatini. As Emaswati eagerly await the next installment of this iconic tournament, Prince Hlangabeza’s call for its return resonates with the aspirations of sports enthusiasts and cultural aficionados across the kingdom.

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