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Police warned Against Blocking People To PSAs March.

The Swaziland National Association of Teachers President Mbongwa Dlamini has warned members of the Royal Eswatini Police Service against blocking Emaswatini travelling to the PSA’s march in Mbabane tomorrow.

Dlamini was speaking at SNAT Centre where he was addressing protesting public transport operators who were also driven out of their work station.

The SNAT President invited the public transport operators as parents to the march that is set to begin at Mbabane Coronation part to various government offices. The PSAs will deliver various petitions calling for an end to privatization of government employers among other demands .

Dlamini sent a stern warning to the law enforcement officers not to block people through roadblocks.

He said, blocking the people enroute to Mbabane will result in several demonstrations countrywide, starting from where the roadblocks were situated..

“Everywhere, where there will be roadblocks, blocking people attending the march, there struggle should begin there,” said Dlamini

He also alleged that police have been warned several times not to frustrate people demonstrating on the roads because if the do so, they risk the struggle being taken to their homes.

The plan for now is to demonstrate on the roads, but an alternative venue for the struggled will be determined by how the treat us on the roads,” he added.

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