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MTN Eswatini’s Sponsorship Fuels Football Conversations and Competitions

MBABANE, Eswatini – Football in Eswatini has found a robust supporter in MTN Eswatini, whose sponsorship deal has been pivotal in maintaining the sport’s vibrancy across the nation. The Premier League of Eswatini (PLE) Football Manager, Pat Vilakati, hailed the immense contribution of MTN during the Player of the Month award ceremony at the MTN Headquarters in Ezulwini.

MTN Eswatini has committed E19.5 million to the Premier League and National First Division (NFD) for three seasons. Each season garners a supportive E6.5 million to enhance the leagues’ operations and competitive spirit. This financial injection has been crucial in fostering lively football discussions and developments within the country.

“We are proud of you, and without you, there would be no football conversations in the country,” Vilakati expressed to MTN. “We really appreciate these incentives because they motivate players to perform their best and make the league highly competitive.”

In addition to the sponsorship, MTN Eswatini has introduced several incentives to reward outstanding players. Among these are the MTN Player of the Month and MTN ‘Y’ello Man of the Match awards, which not only celebrate player excellence but also offer financial rewards—E1,000 for the Man of the Match, E6,000 for the Player of the Month in the top-tier league, and E2,000 in the NFD.

The importance of discipline and proper conduct was emphasized by MTN Representative Thulani Nhlabatsi, who stated that they seek to honor players not only for their athletic performance but also for their exemplary behavior. “We would not want to present the award to an individual associated with ill behavior,” Nhlabatsi remarked, underlining the ethical standards upheld alongside the athletic achievements.

This partnership between MTN Eswatini and the Eswatini football leagues underscores a shared commitment to promoting sportsmanship and leveraging sports as a conduit for community development and youth engagement in Eswatini.

For more details, follow this link to the original article on Times of Swaziland.

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