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Minister of Finance Neal Rijkenberg Welcomes AFI Working Groups to Eswatini


Mbabane, Eswatini – The Kingdom of Eswatini proudly hosted esteemed members of the Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI) working groups, as the Honourable Minister of Finance Neal Rijkenberg officially welcomed participants to a series of pivotal meetings aimed at advancing global financial inclusion.

The 29th Digital Financial Services (DFS), 24th Financial Inclusion Strategy Peer Learning Group (FISPLG), and the 19th Global Standards Proportionality (GSP) meetings commenced with great enthusiasm, underscoring the kingdom’s commitment to fostering inclusive financial systems.

Minister Rijkenberg, in his opening remarks, emphasized the significance of these gatherings, highlighting the collective dedication to overcoming challenges and harnessing opportunities in the realm of financial inclusion. “The government of Eswatini very early in the beginning of the millennium recognised the significant role played by the financial services sector in contributing to the overall growth of the country,” he stated.

The AFI working groups, comprising experts and stakeholders from various countries, play a crucial role in shaping global financial inclusion policies. These meetings in Eswatini are set to address key issues such as digital financial services, strategic financial inclusion initiatives, and the proportionality of global standards.

The DFS working group focuses on leveraging digital technologies to enhance financial services, aiming to reach underserved populations and foster economic growth. The FISPLG serves as a platform for peer learning and sharing best practices in developing and implementing financial inclusion strategies. Meanwhile, the GSP meeting addresses the need for proportional regulations that balance financial stability with inclusion.

Eswatini’s hosting of these significant events reflects its commitment to playing a leading role in the global financial inclusion landscape. Minister Rijkenberg’s address underscored the government’s proactive approach in recognizing the transformative potential of the financial services sector.

The meetings also provide a valuable opportunity for Eswatini to showcase its progress and initiatives in financial inclusion. As participants engage in discussions and exchange ideas, the kingdom stands to benefit from the collective expertise and innovative solutions presented by the AFI working groups.

The successful commencement of the 29th DFS, 24th FISPLG, and 19th GSP meetings marks a notable milestone for Eswatini and the global financial inclusion community. As the sessions continue, they are expected to yield actionable insights and strategies that will contribute to the advancement of inclusive financial systems worldwide.

The Honourable Minister’s warm welcome and insightful remarks set the tone for a productive and impactful series of meetings, reinforcing Eswatini’s position as a key player in the global effort to achieve financial inclusion for all.

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