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Eswatini Agriculture Minister Calls for Fertilizer Manufacturing Investment at Africa Fertilizer Summit


MBABANE, Eswatini — In a significant move to boost Eswatini’s agricultural resilience, Minister of Agriculture Mandla Tshawuka has extended an open invitation to international investors to establish fertilizer manufacturing facilities within the nation. This call was made during his address at the Africa Fertilizer and Soil Health Summit (AFSH24) held in Nairobi, Kenya.

Eswatini has notably exceeded the 2006 Abuja Declaration’s target, achieving a commendable 57kg/ha in soil nutrient content, ranking it among the top ten African nations in this sector. Despite these achievements, Minister Tshawuka highlighted the ongoing challenges faced by Eswatini, particularly its dependency on imported fertilizers, which subjects it to external economic shocks, such as those resulting from the Russia/Ukraine conflict.

“Our commendable progress in soil nutrient content is the result of years of dedicated efforts. However, our reliance on imported synthetic fertilizers exposes us to global market fluctuations and supply chain disruptions,” stated Minister Tshawuka. He emphasized the urgent need for local production capabilities to mitigate these risks and ensure sustainable agricultural practices.

The minister also pointed out the lack of development in organic fertilizers and soil health solutions, areas which he believes offer vast potential for research and innovation. “We are keen to explore partnerships in research and development focused on organic fertilization and soil health enhancement,” he added.

Addressing potential investors, Minister Tshawuka assured that Eswatini is ripe for investment, with favorable business conditions and a strategic focus on enhancing its agricultural sector’s self-sufficiency. He also highlighted the funding challenges faced by the sector, inviting innovative financial solutions and partnerships.

The Africa Fertilizer and Soil Health Summit serves as a platform for stakeholders across the continent to collaborate on improving soil health, a critical component of food security and sustainable development. Minister Tshawuka’s call for investment is a clear indicator of Eswatini’s commitment to advancing agricultural innovation and independence.

Investors interested in this opportunity are encouraged to engage with the Eswatini Ministry of Agriculture to explore potential collaborations in enhancing the nation’s agricultural landscape.


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