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Build it Awards Bursary to Player of the U13 Tournament


In a demonstration of their commitment to youth development through sports, Build it has fulfilled its promise by presenting a bursary to the Player of the Tournament for the 2023 edition of the Build it U13 Football Development Programme. Wenkhosi Dlamini, the deserving recipient of this prestigious award, was honored today at the Build it Nhlangano Store.

As part of their sponsorship for the implementation of the Build it U13 Football Development Programme, Build it pledged to award the best player of each edition with a bursary of E10,000. This initiative aims to recognize and support the talent and dedication displayed by young footballers participating in the program.Wenkhosi Dlamini’s exceptional performance during the 2023 edition of the tournament earned him the title of Player of the Tournament. His skill, determination, and sportsmanship distinguished him as a standout player among his peers, making him a deserving recipient of the bursary.

During the presentation ceremony held at the Build it Nhlangano Store, representatives from Build it commended Wenkhosi Dlamini for his outstanding achievement and dedication to the sport. They reiterated the company’s commitment to nurturing young talent and providing opportunities for youth development through sports initiatives like the U13 Football Development Programme.

Wenkhosi Dlamini expressed his gratitude for the recognition and support from Build it, emphasizing the importance of programs like these in empowering young athletes and fostering their growth both on and off the field.

Wenkhosi Dlamini, Picture by Eswatini Football Association Facebook Page

The successful implementation of the Build it U13 Football Development Programme and the fulfillment of promises such as the bursary award underscore Build it’s dedication to promoting youth sports development and creating pathways for young athletes to pursue their passion and realize their potential.With initiatives like these, Build it reaffirms its motto: “Yes We Can!” – a testament to its belief in the potential of youth and its commitment to supporting their dreams and aspirations.

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