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Bridge Construction at Dwaleni Enhances Connectivity to Gebeni, Empowers Local Community


In an ambitious stride towards enhancing connectivity between Dwaleni and Gebeni, a new low-level crossing is currently under construction. This crucial infrastructure project not only promises to bridge the physical gap between these communities but also significantly addresses long-standing concerns of accessibility that have hindered social and economic interactions.

The construction of the Dwaleni bridge is a testament to the power of community involvement in major development projects. In a remarkable example of local empowerment, half of the construction staff has been sourced from the communities of Dwaleni and Gebeni. This strategy not only ensures that the project benefits from local knowledge and expertise but also boosts the local economy by providing employment opportunities to residents.

Community members express a deep sense of pride and ownership over the bridge project, citing that their active participation has been key to the project’s success so far. “This bridge is more than just a structure to us; it’s a symbol of our unity and strength,” shared one of the workers from Gebeni. “By working on this project, we are literally building a better future for ourselves and our children.”

The bridge is designed as a low-level crossing, making it ideally suited for the geographical and climatic conditions of the area. This thoughtful design ensures that the bridge will withstand seasonal weather changes and provide a reliable passage throughout the year.

As the bridge nears completion, the excitement within the communities is palpable. The new connection will facilitate easier access to markets, healthcare, and educational facilities, thereby improving the quality of life for the residents. The project also holds the promise of enhancing safety by providing a secure crossing during the rainy season, which has historically seen the communities cut off due to flooding.

The local government and project leaders have been actively sharing updates and gathering feedback through community meetings and social media, using the hashtag #Nkweforservicedelivery to engage and inform residents. This transparent approach has fostered a strong sense of community involvement and has kept the public well-informed of the progress.

The Dwaleni bridge project is a shining example of how infrastructure development, when combined with community engagement and local talent, can create a lasting impact on the lives of community members. It stands as a beacon of successful community-focused development in Eswatini, setting a precedent for future projects across the nation.

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