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Bonkhe Shabangu, Educator and Influencer, Set to Launch Second Book: “Hustlerpreneur’s Perspective”


In an exciting revelation on social media, Bonkhe Shabangu, a dedicated teacher and influential figure in Eswatini, has announced the upcoming launch of his second book. Titled “Hustlerpreneur’s Perspective: A Definitive Guide to Personal Growth and Development,” this literary creation is poised to offer readers profound insights and practical wisdom.

Reflecting on this significant endeavor, Shabangu shared, “I am excited to be doing this again, after 6 years. It took me enormous courage to once again put together a book — sharing my thoughts, packaged as insights — that others can take a leaf from or even lead new conversations within their own communities.”

Expressing a long-held desire to return to the world of writing, Shabangu emphasized the importance of timing, stating, “I have been longing to do this again, but had to wait for the right time. There isn’t any better time than 2024. This is the season.”

“Hustlerpreneur’s Perspective” promises to be a comprehensive guide to personal growth and development, showcasing Shabangu’s expertise and unique perspective on life. As a teacher by profession, he brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to this project, aiming to inspire and empower readers on their individual journeys.

In a testament to his influence beyond the literary realm, Shabangu has also been recognized as one of the finalists for Influencer of the Year and Best Streetwear at the 2023 Eswatini Creators Awards. This dual accomplishment underscores his multifaceted impact on education, literature, and fashion within the community. As the launch date approaches, readers and followers eagerly anticipate the release of “Hustlerpreneur’s Perspective,” ready to glean insights from a seasoned educator and influential voice in Eswatini.

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