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Arts Round Table to boost Eswatini’s creative industry


The MTN Bushfire Festival, in partnership with the Africa Rising Music Conference (ARMC), will host the annual Arts Round Table workshop on Friday 26th May 2023, at the House On Fire venue. The workshop aims to increase knowledge, skills and market links for artists and other creative practitioners in Eswatini and the region.

The Arts Round Table will feature speakers and delegates from various sectors of the music industry, such as labels, publishers, promoters, managers and media. The workshop will cover topics such as women’s empowerment, cultural exchange, independent music and event safety.

The workshop is part of a three-year partnership between MTN Bushfire and ARMC, which seeks to connect the African and European music markets and create opportunities for emerging talent. ARMC is a Berlin-based, female-led music industry conference that focuses on the urban and electronic music scenes.

One of the outcomes of the partnership is the signing of Eswatini duo Qibho & Hanwah to Berlin-based label Paradise Sound System, which has also distributed songs by other local artists such as Sookz, Sarnilo and Mzwaa. ARMC is also working with Eswatini labels such as Antidote Music, Third Angel Records, Lion’s Den Entertainment, Teaniclubworld Music and Mateo.

The Arts Round Table is supported by First National Bank Eswatini, which has been a long-time sponsor of MTN Bushfire and its social mandate to enact positive change. The workshop is open to all artists and creative practitioners who wish to learn from industry experts and network with peers.

Source: MTN Bushfire

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