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Selma Amakali Triumphs in Episode 11 of Winna Mariba


Windhoek, Namibia – In a thrilling evening filled with anticipation, Selma Amakali emerged victorious in the eleventh episode of Winna Mariba, a popular Namibian game show powered by Trustco Group Holdings and broadcast on NBC. This episode, brimming with high-stakes drama, captivated viewers nationwide.

With the final celebrity special edition approaching, excitement builds as season one nears its conclusion. Fans can catch the rebroadcast on NBC2 this Monday at 18:00 or stay updated by following Winna Mariba’s social media pages, where the latest episodes are published every Friday.

Stay connected and join the conversation online with hashtags #WinnaMariba, #Trustco, and #NBC for the latest updates on Namibia’s most captivating game show.

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