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Laying the Foundation: Vice President Nandi-Ndaitwah Breaks Ground for Windhoek District Hospital


Windhoek, Namibia – In a landmark event on Thursday, Vice President H.E. Dr. Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah presided over the groundbreaking ceremony of the Windhoek District Hospital in the Havana informal settlement. The new hospital, set to feature a 500-bed capacity, is a significant step towards addressing the pressing healthcare needs of the local community and the broader Windhoek area.

The ceremony highlighted the hospital’s comprehensive plans, which include not only extensive medical facilities but also a sports and recreational center, a dedicated mental health ward, and accommodations for healthcare workers. These amenities aim to provide holistic care and support for both patients and staff, fostering a healthier and more supportive environment.

Vice President Nandi-Ndaitwah emphasized the project’s potential impact on the local community. “This hospital will not only improve healthcare access but also create substantial employment opportunities for community members in the surrounding areas,” she stated, underscoring the project’s dual focus on health and economic development.

Health Minister Dr. Kalumbi Shangula, who also spoke at the ceremony, elaborated on the critical need for the new hospital. “There has been a scramble for healthcare services by the public, leading to overcrowding and capacity constraints at existing health care centers. For this reason, the Windhoek District Hospital is required,” Dr. Shangula noted. He emphasized that the new hospital is a vital part of the government’s broader efforts to enhance the health sector and provide accessible services to all Namibians.

The Windhoek District Hospital is expected to be completed in 2027 and will be jointly managed by the Health and Works Ministries. The collaboration aims to ensure the hospital’s infrastructure and operational needs are met effectively, delivering high-quality healthcare services to the population.

The project represents a significant investment in the health infrastructure of Windhoek and is poised to alleviate the current strain on healthcare facilities. By addressing the issue of overcrowding and enhancing service capacity, the new hospital is set to play a crucial role in improving the overall health outcomes for the region.

The event was attended by various dignitaries, community leaders, and residents, who expressed optimism and support for the project. The hospital’s development is seen as a beacon of progress and a testament to the government’s commitment to improving the quality of life for its citizens.

As construction begins, the community looks forward to the day when the Windhoek District Hospital will open its doors, bringing much-needed relief and healthcare services to the area. The groundbreaking ceremony marks the beginning of a transformative journey towards better health and well-being for the people of Windhoek.

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