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Petroleum Fund Announces Fuel Price Adjustments


The Petroleum Fund Secretariat has issued a press release regarding adjustments to the prices of petroleum products effective from Wednesday, 3rd January 2024.

In the statement, the Petroleum Fund disclosed that the pump price of Petrols will be reduced by seventy Lisente (M0.70) per litre, Petroles by eighty-five Lisente (M0.85) per litre, Dieselso by one Loti and ten Lisente (M1.10) per litre, and Illuminating Paraffin by ninety Lisente (M0.90) per litre.

The revised retail prices across all districts of Lesotho will be as follows:

  • Petrol 93: M19.05 per litre
  • Petrol 95: M19.40 per litre
  • Diesel 50: M21.90 per litre
  • Illuminating Paraffin (Retail): M16.50 per litre

The Petroleum Fund urged all retailers to adhere to the gazetted prices, emphasizing that charging prices above the stipulated rates is illegal. The statement highlighted the enforcement of legal actions against retailers found violating the set prices.

To report any non-compliance with the newly established prices, the public is encouraged to use the toll-free number 80022004. Copies of the press release are available at the Petroleum Fund Secretariat offices, LCCI Building, Orpen Road, Old Europa, Maseru, the Petroleum Fund website (www.petroleum.org.is), and local radio stations.

Mr. Thato M. Mohasoa, the Chief Executive Officer, reiterated the importance of retailers following the gazetted prices, and any deviation will be met with legal consequences.

For additional information or to report non-compliance:

  • Contact: Mr. Thato M. Mohasoa, Chief Executive Officer
  • Phone: (+266) 2231 2137
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Toll-free: (+266) 8002 2004
  • Website: www.petroleum.org.is

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