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Bizarre Tale Unraveled: False Kidnapping Report Lands Lesotho Woman Behind Bars


Maseru, Lesotho – A peculiar case unfolded in the court of Magistrate Mohanoe on December 29, Ngoahola, as 20-year-old Mantsiki Mabea from Ha Kotoane Malibamatso faced accusations of making a false report under Article 71 of the ‘Penal Code Act’ Number 6 of 2010.

Appearing before the magistrate and Prosecutor Ndebele, Mabea was granted bail of M200.00 but was unable to pay the imposed pan of M3,000.00, resulting in his transfer to the Correctional Facility. His next court appearance is scheduled for January 9 of the current year.

The saga began when Leribe Police Chief Superintendent (Supt) Leuone Samuel Thamae received a report from a woman identifying herself as “Limakatso Motsomotso.” The woman, later revealed to be Mabea, tearfully claimed that she and her mother were kidnapped at 5 a.m. while en route to pick up medical test results.

According to Supt Thamae, Mabea recounted a tale of being intercepted by two men and a woman near Mphosong, who purportedly needed help due to a medical emergency and running out of fuel. The story took a dramatic turn when, according to Mabea, the alleged kidnappers demanded money after a brief stop for a purported bathroom break.

Claiming they were held at clay-point, Mabea asserted that the kidnappers instructed her to disembark, leaving her stranded. Distraught, she reported the incident to the police, initiating an immediate response to investigate the alleged kidnapping.

As the police delved into the matter, inconsistencies in Mabea’s story emerged. Contrary to her claims, investigators discovered that she had willingly left her home to reside with friends in Maputsue. The elaborate tale of kidnapping unraveled as authorities exposed the fabrication.

Supt Thamae emphasized the severity of reporting false incidents to the police and related agencies. The motive behind Mabea’s concocted story remains unclear, prompting ongoing police investigations to unravel the intricacies of this bizarre case.

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