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Ukrainian and Japanese Delegations Attend Hydroponics Training in Botswana


Gaborone, Botswana — This week, the Embassy of Japan in Botswana, 在ボツワナ日本国大使館, hosted a significant training session at the Denman Rural Training Center. The event brought together Ukrainian and Japanese delegations to learn and implement advanced hydroponics technology presented by Mebiol Inc., marking a milestone in international agricultural collaboration.

The training focused on innovative farming techniques, equipping participants with valuable knowledge and skills in sustainable agriculture. Hydroponics, a method of growing plants without soil by using mineral nutrient solutions in water, offers a promising solution for countries seeking to enhance their agricultural productivity and sustainability.

The Ukrainian delegation, comprising scientists and agricultural experts, expressed keen interest in the technology. “We look forward to seeing the results of this training in Ukraine, where our scientists will implement the hydroponics technology,” a representative from the Ukrainian delegation stated. “We are confident it will positively impact our agricultural sector.”

Japanese representatives emphasized the importance of sharing advanced agricultural practices globally. “This event not only strengthens multilateral ties between Ukraine, Japan, and Botswana but also highlights the significance of collaboration in implementing cutting-edge agricultural practices,” said a spokesperson from the Japanese Embassy.

Botswana’s participation in the training underscores the country’s commitment to advancing its agricultural sector through international cooperation and the adoption of innovative technologies. The Denman Rural Training Center, known for its dedication to rural development and agricultural education, provided an ideal setting for this knowledge exchange.

The training session included hands-on demonstrations of Mebiol Inc.’s hydroponics systems, discussions on the technology’s applications in various environments, and strategies for integrating hydroponics into existing agricultural frameworks. Participants left with a comprehensive understanding of how to utilize hydroponics to increase crop yields, conserve water, and reduce dependency on arable land.

Honourable Minister of Agricultural Development and Food Security, Mr. Karabo Gare, attended the event, reinforcing Botswana’s support for such initiatives. “The collaboration between our nations in the field of agriculture is vital for addressing global food security challenges,” Minister Gare stated. “We are excited to see how these advanced techniques will benefit not only Botswana but also our partners in Ukraine and Japan.”

The successful conclusion of this training signals the beginning of a new chapter in international agricultural cooperation. The Embassy of Japan in Botswana expressed optimism about future collaborations and the positive impact of these efforts on global agricultural practices.

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