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IEC Gears Up for Commencement of Voter Registration


With the onset of the 2024 General Election voter registration just three days away, the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) assures the public that all is set for the crucial exercise.

Scheduled to run from January 5 to February 3, 2024, the voter registration process has seen meticulous planning by the IEC, including the replacement of teachers who, due to their work commitments coinciding with the school calendar, cannot actively participate in the exercise.

IEC spokesperson Osupile Maroba highlighted the ongoing preparation for the exercise, emphasizing the recruitment of officers to replace teachers. The recruitment process has been conducted at district levels to ensure a smooth and efficient operation.

IEC spokesperson Osupile Maroba

Maroba acknowledged the anticipated unavailability of teachers due to the alignment of the registration date with the school calendar. However, he reassured that non-teaching public officers from various departments have been recruited to take their place.

“The preparations for the exercise have been ongoing since the new date was appointed,” Maroba affirmed. “It is a process that I want to believe is going well as I have not received any reports or been told there are problems, so things are going well.”

The voter registration for the 2024 general election faced earlier disruptions due to a court battle between the IEC and the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC). Initially scheduled for November of the previous year, the exercise was halted as the UDC sought to observe the registration process more closely.

The matter was ultimately settled at the Court of Appeal, with the apex court ruling in favor of the IEC. Now, with the legal hurdles behind them, the IEC is focused on urging eligible Batswana to register in large numbers.

“I want to encourage Batswana who are eligible to vote to use this chance to register for elections in large numbers,” urged Maroba. “They should ensure that they have all the necessary documentation for registration.” As the IEC gears up for this crucial phase, the public is called upon to actively participate in shaping the democratic future of Botswana.

Osupile Maroba

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