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Eswatini Has Highest Death Rate In Africa, 14th in the World.

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The Kingdom of Eswatini now has the highest death rate from COVID-19 of any country in the African continent, latest data has revealed.

Figures compiled by the University of Oxford-based research platform, Our World in Data shows that an average of 9 people in every million dies each day of COVID-19 which is slightly higher than people dying of COVID-19 in South Africa per million.

The country’s death rate is also regarded as the 14th highest in the world sitting slightly below the United Stae of America.

The Kingdom of Eswatini became the first country in the world to lose a leader in December when His Excellency Prime Minister Ambrose Dlamini sucumbered to this virus.

In the last 24 hour cycle, an all time record of 256 COVID-19 cases was reported with 19 more people dying of COVID-19 related complications.