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Acting Prime Minister Themba Masuku urges Emaswati to stop kufukama.


Acting Prime Minister Themba Masuku has urged Emaswati to immediately stop engaging in the custom of ‘kufukama’ as means to curb the spread of #COVID19. “The custom of kufukama is strongly discouraged as research from epidemiologists provides that it is among the super spreaders of the virus.”Acting Prime Minister: “We completely understand that this is an important support system for the bereaved but we plead with Emaswati to stop kufukama with immediate effect to avoid causing more deaths. We have seen some families lose more than one member in succession due to the observance of kufakama.”

Acting PM: “I take this opportunity to thank all Emaswati who, in their majority, have adhered to the directives of the partial lockdown measures announced over a week ago. I implore Emaswati not to allow other voices, either from social media or other platforms, to drown the advice & messages of the Ministry of Health & WHO.

Acting PM: “These restrictions were necessitated by the need to curtail the alarming pace at which #COVID19 has been spreading in the country over the past few weeks, not to frustrate anyone. We want to state emphatically that we will not tolerate any reckless behaviour which puts the lives of Emaswati in danger. Operation Bopha will be strengthened across the country to protect lives.”

Acting PM: “The Ministry of Health has continued to dispatch home care teams which are visiting confirmed #COVID19 patients in their homes. However, due to the high number of cases, the Ministry continues to experience a backlog of patients. You alone can help alleviate this backlog by doing what is right. Medical Volunteers are on the ground conducting screening to find those who have symptoms.”

Acting PM: “As I conclude, I sincerely ask all Emaswati to note this fact; we are a nation because you are alive. Make every effort possible to stay alive by respecting and observing the survival protocols.”