Matsapha United’s Prayers Answered On EswatiniBank Cup’s Draw

By on February 25, 2019

Mbabane Highlanders against Mhlume Peace Makers during their first round encounter in the MTN Premier League of Eswatini. Picture Sourced from the internet

Matsapha United was handed Mbabane Highlander in the Eswatinibank Cup last 16 feature. This transpired today at the Eswatini Bank  Auditorium where the Eswatini Bank Cup last 16 was conducted.

During an interview with Mdockies of Eswatini Broadcasting Information and Services, Bheka Magagula of Matsapha United expressed that they would be happy if they could be featured against Mbabane Highlanders in the last 16 of the Eswatini Bank Cup. Magagula expressed that this could offer them a change to answer the letter that they were handed by Mbabane Highlanders during the past weekend.

Over the weekend, Mbabane Highlanders defeated Bogandaganda in their home ground by 3-1 under the banner of MTN Premier League of Eswatini. During the first round of the same tournament, Mbabane Highlanders also walked away with three points after securing a 1-0 win. Magebhula also surfed over Bogandaganda in their feature in the last 8 of the Ingwenyama Cup.

This means that Matsapha United failed to defeat Inkuzemnyama in all three encounters of this season. This then leaves one question, will Bogandaganda turn the tides around this time and walk over Magebhula and progress to the last 8 of the Eswatini Bank Cup?


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