Will the Parliament Approved The New Trafic Fines This Time?

By on February 18, 2019

img_0301The 10th parliament may be characterized as a catastrophic, hopeless and self-serving one, but they managed to do one thing right for Emaswati, which was not approving the Road Traffic Regulations fine increase that was proposed by the Ministry of Public Works and Transport.

The 10th parliament was infamous for awarding themselves with a salary increment of more than 30% while slapping the public with a VAT increment of 1% (a first of its kind).

The only good thing they did for the public during their 5 year tenure was not approving the Road Traffic Regulation fine and their legacy now relies it’s now upon the 11th parliament to continue this legacy.

Today 18 February 2019, the country woke up with the news that the controversial Road Traffic Regulation fines may find its way to parliament again having been rejected by the 10th parliament. These developments were confirmed by the Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Public Works and Transport Makhosi Mndawe on today’s Times of Swaziland.

The fines that were to escalate by more than 100% were rejected because they were too high considering the state of the country’s roads thus proposing amendments on some of the fines.

One of the proposed amendments was that the fine for an unlicensed driver which was to be dropped to E1 000 from the initial E2 000.  The committee has also proposed that the E1 500 which had been recommended for people who run a red traffic light, be reduced to E500.  Currently a majority of traffic fines are E60.

Approving the proposed fines before awarding Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA) to civil servants may results in more unrest in the country. Government has not been able to offer COLA to civil servants for the past 2 conservative years resulting in unrest that has not been resolved yet.

Furthermore, government has not been able to upgrade the country’s roads for a while due to the fiscal challenges.This may even results in people thinking that the increment of the fines is part of the strategic road map to economic recovery which was disputed by the Principal.

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  1. Masanis

    February 21, 2019 at 9:25 am

    Gvt should fix the tarred and gravel roads first before considering fines increase. The gravels are disgusting and uncomfortable long.

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