Bheki Makhubu’s advice to His Excellency Prime Minister Ambrose Dlamini

By on February 15, 2019

To stage-manage a court hearing with a pre-determined result, as was done on January 27, and have the strike declared illegal in order to justify punitive action against workers is not a stroke of genius but dictatorship.

The above was one of many advices that were dished out by the country’s veteran and The Nation Magazine Editor Bheki Makhubu through his column called “Speaking my mind” on the February issue of the magazine.

Makhubu condemned the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Eswatini for politicizing the PSA’s strike and also referring it to as a treat to the gains that government had made since Independence in 1968. He alleged that the people responsible for driving the country to where it is today is the Royal Family and those appointed by the appointing authority to run government and other structures.

He further by outlined some of contributions that were 10th parliament which he referred to as the worse cabinet the country has ever heard in the past 50 years towards collapsing the country’s economy.  “In the last 20 years, besides MTN, there has not been a single investor worth talking about that has ploughed money into this country. Instead, in 2014, our government gave the United State the middle figure when they were kicked out of AGOA” expressed Makhubu.

He also wondered how the Prime Minister can say workers are threatening the gains of the country as no one among government cared about the thousands of workers who lost their jobs back then. He alleged that the Royal Family and those appointed by the appointing authority to run government and other structures who have incapacitated the country to where it is today.

He expressed his shock towards seeing Prime Minister Ambrose Dlamini choosing to use his predecessor’s jackboot tendencies to get his way. He advised him that his move for declaring the strike illegal through the court in order justifies punitive action against workers was not a sign of genius by dictatorship as workers in the Kingdom of Eswatini have the right to strike.

About Bheki Makhubu

downloadBheki Makhubu is the editor of the Nation magazine. He was imprisoned for 15 months, along with human rights lawyer Thulani Maseko, in 2014 for writing an article criticising Swaziland’s chief justice.

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