Times of Swaziland Illegally Benefit Millions from Public Funds-Zwemart

By on December 20, 2018

Editor of the now dysfunctional Swaziland Shopping Zweli Martin Dlamini has accused major newspapers in the Kingdom of Eswatini for looting public funds. Dlamini who ventured his allegations on Social Media expressed that the major publications illegally benefit huge taxpayers’ money through advertising.

“There’s a silent strategy by the major newspapers in this country to benefit huge taxpayers’ money through advertising. The newspapers would intentionally misquote sources to force government to then publish a Press statement in the newspaper that cost around E20 000 per page” expressed Dlamini on his post.

He further alleged that newspapers particularly Times, cash out millions from government and State-owned enterprises through the above strategy and that this is something that needs to be addressed as soon as possible because Emaswati can not afford to fund capitalism with their taxes.Capture

“Corruption is not only bribery but, in this country, we have silent capitalist who are draining our country behind the scene. No drugs in hospital, no money for civil servants etc. Where did that money went?” asked Dlamini.

He then advised government to mitigate the above by not publishing the Press statement in the newspaper that committed the wrong but resort in other forms of communication such as radio, TV, and internet to name just a few in order to avoid one from benefiting on his or he wrong doing because if he or she does, that wrong will continue.

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