Eswatini Govt Maintain 0.0% COLA To Civil Servants

By on December 6, 2018

Once again Eswatini government has mocked civil servants in the country by maintaining the 0.0% offer as salary increase for the second consecutive year.

This transpired today (6 December 2018) in the much anticipated Cost of Life Adjustment (COLA) meeting between public Sector Association (PSAs) representing civil servants and Government Negotiation Team (GNT) that took place at Ministry Public Service offices.

According to a statement issued by SNAT today, the PSAs maintained their 6.55% demand on the 2018/2019 financial year which was supposed to be effected on the 1 April 2018. Instead of offering a counter offer, it was reported that government through the GNT offered the 0.0%, an offer that resulted in the two parties signing a deadlock.

The statement further elaborates that the signed deadlock by the parties is the second one in the second year running- (2017/2018 and 2018/2019. This then led the SNAT –NEC into concluding that government of Eswatini is hell-bent on treating its workers with unmatched contempt as evident by its conduct in the last two years.

In September, the Industrial Court of Eswatini ruled that teachers under the banner of SNAT should postpone their week-long strike because there was still no government at place to address their concern. The strike was then srchedule for the 23rd of November in a bit to give government to settle in after its formation.

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