Another Disturbing incident by Emasotja: Soldiers Kidnapped, Tortured Me, Took E1 300.

By on December 1, 2018

The Umbutfo Swaziland Defense Force demonstrates military techniques. (This is not to say the people in the image are the ones responsible in the criminal activities.

It is yet another disturbing story in the Kingdom of Eswatini of the forces engaging in criminal activities. This time around, members of the Umbufto Eswatini Defense Force (EUDF) had been accused of engaging in an unlawful investigation, kidnapping, torturing and stealing to name a few.

The Swazi News under the byline of Timothy Simelane published a story of how Sifiso Ngangenyoni Dlamini suffered at the hands of members of the UEDF. According to this report, Sifiso was left with broken ribs, blistered eyes and body injuries after his consultation with the members of the EUDF.

In the report, Dlamini alleged that on the 24th of November, soldiers stationed at Nkoyoyo Royal Palace tortured him with allegations that he stole a wallet lined with cash and identity card belonging to one of the soldiers Lihawu Bottle Store in Makholokholo. Narrating the story, he expressed that these were false accusations as the wallet had been left on the counter and safely kept by the bar owner.

“While we were sashing around town, a group of men approached us, one in army uniform. One of the men unleashed a savage blow that floored me. I thought we were being mugged, but when I tried to regain my balance, they said I must give them back the wallet I had stolen, narrated the victim.

This is now a recent incident of the strings of EUDF abusing their powers. The behavioral of the Umbutfo Eswatini Defence Force needs to be condemned with the strongest terms possible. It goes against the vision of the country of attaining a first world status. The Eswatini Police Service needs to uphold the law and make sure that justice is served in this matter.

It is time the nation of Eswatini reminds Emasotja that they need to live and work within the perimeters of the law. Over the years, the EUDF has been conducting their business in the country in whatever way they see fit. A recent incident was reported by the Sunday Observer dated 21 October 2018.In this report, Soldiers belonging to the Umbutfo Eswatini Defense Force were accused of torturing farmers at Dwalile who crossed the South African boarder to retrieve their straying cattle.

On another incident, another member was accused of kidnapping a traditional healer who failed to refund the soldier money amounting to E4 000 that was paid for a cleansing exercise that, supposedly did not yielded the expected results.

On the 13th of July, Times of Swaziland reported that soldiers belonging to the Umbutfo Eswatini Defense Force stopped a kombi and ordered passengers (who were from a vacation in Mozambique) to strip as part of a routine body search.

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