Why so much anger?

By on November 16, 2018

No place for violence in our society. (Pic: sourced from the internet)

“A mind that thinketh”

In our society where violence is the order of the day, you fear for the young generation and start wondering what will become of the future nation. People are so angry and resort to violence as the remedy. Not a single day goes by without hearing or reading about someone brutality murdered, tortured to death or hacked in the head with an axe. Humans are no longer afraid of killing each other…to them it is now as easy as buying a loaf of bread over the counter.
They kill their own without hesitation. So many daily reports in the media on violence; how people are burnt to death, tortured, stabbed several times to death, neck laced with a tyre and set alight alive, body parts removed while the person is alive and others even beaten to death. Relatives, lovers, criminals, law binding citizens, law enforcers are killing like it is a competition or a murder contest. There is so much violence such that the whole country smells of blood. A quarrel leads to murder, an accusation to death and an investigation to a funeral. Relatives and friends are left to console themselves, searching for answers and wondering what befell them. People are so angry and they throw common sense away.
Most humans become violent out of jealousy, greed, hatred and supremacy amongst other things. Witchcraft, cheating, stealing, land disputes, monetary issues, and power are some of the issues that have led to violence with death being the outcome. These are issues which should have been dealt with amicably by all parties involved. But there is so much anger. We are losing too many people to such violence; even the young generation is resorting to violence to solve disputes. To them it is now a norm. What will become of our country in the future? What is becoming of our country now if such is happening on daily bases at home and public places? More effort must be put in.
Let the people be empowered in our societies and constituencies on a regular basis so that they know how to deal with disputes instead of resorting to violence. Have offices for counselling in our constituencies whereby people can go and be able to seek help with their issues without being judged. Not just in the police stations. People must be empowered on the power of dialogue, let the consequences of violence be barred for all to see and government through its relevant departments reach out to people. Let there be more relevant programmes which will empower people on dealing with such issues. Have workshops in communities to help address such issues. Let the non-governmental organization and all involved stakeholders put more resources and come together to address issues of violence. Our people are dying because of ignorance, lack of knowledge and resources.
Not to sound like a broken record; violence is not and will never be the answer. Perpetrators should feel the wrath of the law. Victims must be afforded the best care and help there is out there. Let us stand together and protect our own. Violence has no place in our society and it should not be tolerated or condoned. So many people have lost loved ones, so many people have killed and so many are still perpetrating violence. For how long should this go on? Why so much anger? The ball is and has always been in our court. It is up to us what we do with it.

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