We Chose the Prime Minister of the country-Lutho Dlamini

By on October 30, 2018

Ndzingeni Member of Parliament Lutho Dlamini

Ndzingeni Member of parliament Lutho Dlamini voiced out that His Excellency, Rightful Honourable Prime Minister Ambrose Dlamini was chosen by the nation.

Dlamini was speaking today at Mandvulo Grand Hall where all the parliamentarians were summoned by His Majesty King Mswati III.  Lutho Dlamini was one of the number of Parliamentarians who introduced themselves to His Majesty and further suggested how the country’s economy can be revived.

Introducing himself to His Majesty, Dlamini thanked His Majesty for opening the people’s Parliament where the new Prime Minister of the country was appointed. He then expressed that it was a good initiative that also discourage the jealous people as the Prime Minister of the country was chosen by the people.

On Wednesday 24 October 2018, His Majesty Mswati III summoned the nation to the Ludzidzini Royal Residence Cattle Bye where he launched a 3 days people’s parliament. From Thursday to Saturday, legislators and other prominent people in the country delivered their submissions on how the country’s political and economy can be improved. His Excellency Ambrose Dlamini was one of the prominent people who delivered good submissions that were dubbed by the Swazi Observer as fresh thinking.

“Siloskhulu umunftu akacale ngekubonga lolokwente ngesibaya Silo mawubeka Ndvunankhulu. Kusikelemu lesihle Silo ngoba naletimfamona telive Silo uticedze emandla ngoba Ndvunankhulu ukhetfwe ngitsi Esibayeni”, narrated out Dlamini in front of His Majesty. He further advised those against the Tinkhundla system of governance shut up and not say anything and further advised Emaswati not be apologetic about the system but embrace it as their way of life.

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