Mduduzi “Gawuzela” Simelane has vowed to back teachers during his term in office

By on September 25, 2018

14358909_1189157361156600_7158508128467712494_nNewly elected Siphofaneni Member of Parliament Mduduzi Gawuzela Simelane has vowed to back and support workers in the country during his 5-year term in office.

The Gospel Star and leader of Emagawugawu won elections as a member of Parliament having amassed 4 480 votes followed by former MP Gundwane Gamedze who served for almost 2 decades as Siphofaneni Member of Parliament.

Simelane was speaking on Eswatini Broadcasting Information and Service (EBIS 1) current affairs program aired during weekdays after the 7 am news bulletin where he was being interviewed by Celucolo Dlamini.

When asked about what development programs he intends to bring to the Siphofaneni residents and the nation at large, Gawuzela started by thanking the Siphofaneni residents for electing him and then expressed that he is well verse with the pains and struggles of teachers or workers and students as he has been in the teaching industry for the past 20 years.

“My first priority is to make sure that the working class get working salaries that conforms to today’s standard of living” said Gawuzela. He also mentioned that he will be looking at the welfare of students as well as the things that they need in order to attain good results so that they can be productive citizens of Eswatini tomorrow.

The newly elected legislator also pointed out that he has been in the entertainment industry for about 17 years which is why he is aware that the country can not attain the vision 2022 if people in the country still look down upon the sporting activities in the country and if the artists are still not able to support themselves through their crafts. “People should be able to make a living through their talent that was given to them by the Load” expressed Simelane. He further promised during his term in office, he will turn every possible stone checking for the challenges that hold the success of the entertainment industry in the country.

Gawuzela also mentioned that the third aspect that he lived under from 2010 up to date is what he loves to call Makhelwane Sibili Simbona ngetento which is basically wiping under privileged tears. He pointed out that I Gawuzela is going to parliament to check on what they can do to wipe these people’s tears so that they can also experience the vision 2022. He further mentioned that he wants to avoid a situation where the country is judged by the lives of people living in the urban areas because there are those under privileged citizen living in the rural areas.

Rapping out his promises, Gawuzela expressed that as a pastor he will be doing an oversight on the parliament’s bills and acts especially if they abide by the laws of the Lord or if they are going to call upon God’s anger to destroy the nation.

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